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Human Design Certification

Give the healing gift of self-knowledge

  • Started Jun 11
  • 1,500 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Human Design Certification Program Unlock the secrets of your true self and embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive Human Design Certification Program. This unique course is designed for individuals seeking to delve deep into the fascinating system of Human Design, understanding their own unique design and learning how to interpret and guide others through this powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Program Overview Our Human Design Certification Program offers an in-depth exploration of the principles, mechanics, and applications of Human Design. Participants will gain a profound understanding of the various components of Human Design charts, including Type, Authority, Centers, Channels, Gates, and Profiles. This program emphasizes experiential learning, practical application, and the integration of Human Design principles into everyday life. What You'll Learn Introduction to Human Design: Understanding the origins, history, and foundational concepts of Human Design. Chart Analysis: Learning how to interpret Human Design charts, including Type, Authority, Centers, Channels, Gates, and Profiles. Personal Experimentation: Experimenting with your own Human Design chart to gain insights into your unique strengths, challenges, and life purpose. Relationship Dynamics: Exploring the dynamics of Human Design in relationships, including compatibility, communication, and support. Decision-Making Strategies: Discovering your unique decision-making authority and learning to make aligned choices in alignment with your design. Practical Application: Applying Human Design principles to various areas of life, including career, relationships, health, and spirituality. Coaching Skills: Developing coaching skills to support others in their Human Design journey with empathy, compassion, and integrity. Ethics and Professionalism: Understanding the ethical considerations and responsibilities of a Human Design practitioner. Program Features Experienced Instructors: Learn from certified Human Design professionals with extensive experience in chart analysis and coaching. Interactive Learning: Engage in live workshops, case studies, group discussions, and practice sessions. Comprehensive Resources: Access to a library of reading materials, video tutorials, and practical exercises. Certification: Receive a recognized certification upon successful completion, validating your expertise as a Human Design practitioner.

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