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The Magical, Mystical, Mysterious eMpire

More magic talk. Why not?!

After my last blog post, I could not get the idea of magic out of my mind. After the past week I had, I was inspired by a ridiculous chain of events that solidified the need for what I'm about to introduce and say next.

I had a photo shoot scheduled for last Tuesday. I thought I knew what the theme was going to be: bold, bright colors. I had three looks in mind: the Romantic, Celebrity, and Connector (all inspired by the Sacred Money Archetypes).

I went shopping and bought at least $500 worth of outfits (I'm sure I spent more) to do a rebrand of Christin Farmer. My second book, "Mission Millionaires" - available for pre-order, would be launching soon, and I wanted to do a different look for it.

After having a slight meltdown in the aftermath of that maternal and child health meeting, and being uplifted again by Arnold Schwarzenegger's documentary, the next morning brought a wave of creative ideas. It started with me picking up the book, "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron again after a 5-month hiatus. On chapter 6, I began listing classes that I would like to take. I randomly wrote down pottery, glass-blowing, and then puzzles, and mysteries. To my surprise, I looked down at the notebook and said, "A puzzle class? A mystery class?" as if I, myself, did not write those things.

Suddenly, I get an urge to go to the bookstore. I check the clock. It's 9:55 am. The bookstore opens at 10 am. Good, I'll get dressed. I have no idea what I'm looking for at the bookstore but start thinking about all of these books that I loved as a kid - The Babysitter's Club (TBC), Goosebumps, and Nancy Drew. There is that mystery I was thinking about. I remember when TBC came out with a special collection of mystery stories. I had every single one. This was a chance to see if any of my childhood favorites were in stock - but first I have to stop and get gas.

$3.38 is how much gas is but I'm not really paying attention to the towering gas price column. My car takes premium gas and my price is never on that board. I'm paying attention to the 38 in $3.38. Why?

Because the number 38 has been following me around for about two years now. I thought it was because I was about to turn 38 but now I know I was thinking too practical and with no imagination.

I arrive at the bookstore and head straight to find TBC books. Found them. Pick one up randomly, "Kristy's Mystery Admirer" #38.

No way! Yes, way because I believe in magic. Next stop, Nancy Drew. Found them. Pick one out randomly, "The Mystery of the Fire Dragon". Guess what? #38 again! I call my friend freaking out! So now I'm excited, and shocked and take this as a sign to incorporate mystery elements into my photoshoot. This changes the entire vibe of the shoot. I start looking for capes, crystals, and anything that sparkled. I created a mood board for the photographer and makeup artist, and the wheels were set in motion.

The day before the shoot, the photographer sent me an address that was different from the address on the invoice, and guess what? The studio was on 38th Street! I cannot make this up!

The vibe on set was so magical and mystical. There were 6 women, including two of my friends - one is a Creative Director, and the other, is an Image Consultant. The energy was so pure and felt so right!

By the end I had decided to create a fictional world where I am the eMpress of the Magical, Mystical, Mysterious eMpire sent to bring adults back to their creative genius and discover their magic again, uncovering the possibilities.

The mystery of the story is that the eMpress is secretly a midwife whose real mission is to protect the creative genius of babies and children. She only helps the adults because she knows that's the only way to protect the babies.

There's an entire story and world to this, and I am having the most fun creating this make-believe world! I invite you to follow me on this journey by signing up for my emails.

For coaching services, be sure to use this link and book your transformational call!

Welcome to the Magical, Mystical, Mysterious, eMpire. I'm your eMpress, Christin.

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