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Seeing The WORLD Through Divine Eyes

We get to decide how we view our world

Eyes are the windows to our soul

They say the eyes are the windows to our soul. And just as you can look out of a window, you can also look into a window. The transparent nature of glass allows us to have two perspectives. One in, and one out. Perspective is subjective, and we all have the ability to choose our perspectives. We can choose to look out into the world and focus on all the things that we feel and have agreed upon in society are wrong, or we can choose to focus on all the things we feel are right. I choose to focus on what's right. I didn't always have this outlook. I spent many years in the nonprofit industry, and as such, it was my job to look at all the things that were wrong.

After taking a much needed break of two years from my career, I re-emerged with a different perspective. My spiritual quest led me to studying more about metaphysics and mastering the law of attraction, which basically states that we get more of what we choose to focus on. Knowing this, I launched a desire to teach my fellow advocates how to lead with light, that is, how to focus on what's right and get more of that. The result is more peace, more happiness and being able to do your job with more joy.

Like a window, we have two sides - one is our spiritual side and the other is our physical side. Both work together in order give us insight which brings us closer to our heart's desires. Our spiritual side sees the world with divine eyes, that is, in all of its glory, beauty and abundance. It sees all of the possibilities and wants what you want. It also knows how to get what you want. It is limitless but it needs our physical bodies to experience all the good of our world through our senses.

Our physical side is our humanness, and is limited to its immediate experience and senses. Our humanness, in its present, is experiencing the manifestations of our past thoughts and emotions whether or not we currently like what we see, feel, hear, taste or smell.

This place is where we tend to develop our perspectives from. We are conditioned to focus on what we can physically see in front of us instead of the possibilities to come. This change in perspective requires a change in our thinking patterns and it takes practice to train your mind to ignore what's in front on you. The best way to do this is by paying attention to how you feel.

Your emotions are the gateway to divine eyes

Our emotions are indicators of how close or far we are to our desires. If our emotions are on a scale with fear, anxiety, worry, anger, etc at the lower end and happiness, joy, fulfillment and satisfaction at the higher end, then emotions on the higher end means you are in alignment, and emotions at the lower end mean you are not. Divine eyes are on the higher end of the emotion scale and practicing staying at this end takes you being accountable for what and who you allow into your experience. When you begin to care about your emotions, you become more discerning, filtering out what doesn't make you feel good. That could mean consuming less news and less drama.

For example, I recently created a video where I spoke about how thinking you have "haters" is a good way of lowering your vibration and landing on the lower end of the emotional scale. This is because that energy is defensive and angry. Changing your perspective to think that "those people" are catalysts to helping you clearly define who and what you are becoming. If you look at it as a motivating factor, then you begin to climb up the emotional scale, feeling empowered to forge ahead and create what you know needs to be created. We all have this power.

Choosing to look at life from divine eyes affords you so much peace because you are intentional about feeling good and staying at the higher end of the emotional scale. With this power, mountains will move to ensure your happiness, paving ways for you to solve your problems or those you're working to solve in your community. This is what I call "Leading with Light". We can choose to look at those we serve as poor, disenfranchised people or we can choose to look at them as empowered individuals working to become the best versions of themselves.

Choose divine eyes.

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