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All Roads Lead to Change, Heal and Freedom

Welcome to the world of Christin Farmer!

I can't say when the shift within me happened but I know that it felt like my skin was crawling and that I had to do something about how I was experiencing this life.

I felt a calling that was pointing me toward wanting to make a real impact in this world. All I've ever really wanted to do was serve. Uplift people. Enlighten. Empower. Ultimately, show people that abundance was their birthright.

I've done that in various ways:

  • I started a nonprofit organization to give new and expecting mothers a safe space to experience growth that had the power to change the trajectory of their lives, heal from the past and grant themselves freedom.

  • I led a movement to renovate a city gym that was in deplorable condition so people knew they had the power to create change within their community and be a positive demonstration to the youth.

  • I wrote a book on building a successful nonprofit organization to help people get started on their journey in the helping professions and make a greater impact.

My journey has taken a lot of twists and turns, but it has certainly led me back to myself. It's hard to put into words, categories, and titles who I am. I usually describe myself as a spiritual being having a human experience who happens to be a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a mentor, a coach, a metaphysician, a doula, a founder, a leader, an entrepreneur, an author, a writer, a blogger, a beauty enthusiast and I'm sure I fall into a few more labels.

The point is, I'm many things but what I desire to be always is my best self. I've learned to forgive myself, be kind to myself, love myself, give myself grace, and in turn extend the same to others. I had to ask myself what was my mission in this life. I'm most passionate about babies but after years of being a doula and building a doula agency, I realized that I wasn't creating the deep impact I wanted to create. I had to dig deeper.

I wanted to understand on the deepest level why certain communities experienced so much suffering, loss, and poverty which led to poor birth outcomes and many other issues. I felt this was no world to bring new life into. I wanted to know how we help people heal so they would be free of suffering, loss, and poverty.

What I realized was that we, as a society, are giving birth to babies in a very unhealed state of consciousness which leads to so many other problems that affect the child as they grow, and the leaders who are charged with solving these issues do not understand the root of the problem.

"Man cannot force the external to be what he is not." - Florence Scovel Shinn

I set out on a journey to create content that would help educate those leaders, social entrepreneurs, educators, and parents on the root of the problem, which I learned began with our own self-image. If we want communities to change, we have to change first. Most of us have a lot of unidentified limiting beliefs and lack the imagination to think beyond what we see in front of us.

By recognizing those limiting beliefs and challenging ourselves to think beyond what we think we know, we begin to do the internal work that changes how we view the world, heal the past version of ourselves, and allows us to experience true freedom - freedom of thought and freedom of being exactly who we were uniquely designed to be.

I encourage leaders to let go and allow their true selves to emerge, which is the best way to create change because we all learn through demonstration. The self-work will change how we show up in the community work, and that demonstration will cause an effect so powerful that we will begin to birth babies into healed communities.

Babies are the reason I do everything I do. They are the reason I talk to adults and share my time helping them to heal. It is my true desire to birth beautiful communities.

So for me, all the roads I've been on lead me back here: Change. Heal. Freedom.

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