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5 Undeniable Signs You're A Revolutionary Woman

#4 You're kind, not nice...

Revolutionary women have long roamed the Earth, paving the way for those born to establish balance and order on our Mother’s planet. They have manifested as shamans, witches, healers, midwives, priestesses and others who have created space for love and light to spread. This journey is not an easy one — in fact, it can be so arduous, that if walked alone, the weight can crush us.

Sisterhood is our saving grace. If we are to do this work to the best of our ability, then we need a community of like-hearted sisters to uplift, inspire and support us. (Click here to join my waiting list for the women are revolutionary sister circle.)

Being a revolutionary woman takes faith, courage and strength, here are 5 signs to know if you’re a revolutionary woman:

  1. You’re authentic: You don’t see a need to fit in. You loves your uniqueness and give thanks the higher power daily for the ability to be true to yourself, even when everyone around you disagrees. You don’t get a job for the sake of having a job. You want to be moved by your work, and so, you trust the higher power to make a way for you and support you working in alignment with your soul’s mission.

  2. You’re a risk taker: Sure, you weigh your options but in the end you follow your heart. Your intuition speaks loud and clear. You uses your emotions as a guiding system to let you know when something is right for you, or when something is not. You aren’t afraid to make an unpopular decision because you know the cost of being in the status quo has far greater implications than staying true to your North star, even when you receive hate for it.

  3. You’re a disrupter: You call a spade, a spade. If you see something that needs to change, you don’t wait around for it happen. You go out and make that change possible. Your methods and ways are sometimes unconventional but that’s ok. Not everyone will approve of your approach. You know that but you don’t let their fear stop you from doing what you know is right. Your calling keeps you divinely protected and guided, so you can move without fear.

  4. You’re kind, not nice: Nice is an open invitation for those in lower states of consciousness to take advantage, use and abuse a revolutionary woman. You know this because you used to be nice, had poor boundaries and didn’t understand how powerful you and your voice was. You spent years observing the low vibrations of the world, and decided if you were going to make a difference, you were going to have to grow some thick skin. This meant that you had to take off the nice hat by establishing boundaries and speaking up, realizing that this one of the highest forms of self-love. Your kindness never left you and is preserved for everyone you encounter.

  5. You know when to lead and when to follow: The revolutionary woman is not here for the ego trip. You’re here for the soul mission. That sometimes means you’ll be in the forefront, leading the charge, and that sometimes means you’ll be behind the leader in a supporting role. You doesn’t mind it! In fact, you welcome it because it means you don’t have to be the one making all the decisions and putting everything together. You can use your other superpower, submission. You understand that we all have a role to play, and you’re happy to play your supportive role when called to.

After reading this list, are you a revolutionary woman? If not, that’s ok. We all have to start somewhere.

You may be a budding revolutionary woman, and if so, I have the perfect coaching program for you, “Becoming Revolutionary: Designed to unleash your inner rebel and lead from the heart, so you can make an impact and leave a legacy of love. Make your womanhood mean something.” You can learn more by joining my list, click here.

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