My Story

My story is a simple one. I had a career in nonprofit for 13 years until one day I decided I wanted to pursue my hearts' desire - the arts. I left the nonprofit and birthing industries to discover myself as an artist, and the journey has been most rewarding. 

I still have a passion for supporting those in the birth and philanthropic space, especially because I know there is a deep unmet need for innovation, empowerment and improvement. 

I use my skills and experience as a doula, a founder and board member to help develop programs and ideas that work, saving philanthropic institutions a lot of time and money, in addition to increasing actual impact through a method I call, "Self-First".


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"There is much power in the ability to make a choice for yourself, independent of others. It breeds trust in one's self and confidence to make more decisions."

My Mission

Like my story, my mission is simple - To help people live a more fulfilling and joyful life, knowing that this starts at birth. I do that by advising the power players who make the decisions on how to best support individuals, families, and communities. I believe in peace and happiness for all but understand that everyone is on their own journey.